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New Technology at our Office

We would like to inform you of some of the new technology that has come to dentistry and our office.

Piezoelectric technology has been around dentistry for over 20 years mostly in the form of ultrasonic scalers used to clean hard deposits from teeth. More recently high-powered piezo devices have been developed which can cut teeth and even bone. One device, known as the "Cube" allows us to cut thin slices of bone without damaging nearby soft tissues. This bone can then be used for grafting implant sites needing more bone to allow future implant placement. The bone is easily harvested from other parts of the jaw for building up bone deficient areas where one or more implants need to be placed.

In addition to cutting bone the cube allows dental surgeons to easily remove hopelessly damaged teeth and wisdom teeth with an absolute minimum of trauma to our patients. This device allows us to slice between the tooth and the bone and virtually lift the tooth out with a minimal amount of force making otherwise difficult extractions a breeze for both the patient and the doctor. In complicated extractions the tooth itself can be cut into pieced to allow easy removal or its parts with very little post-operative discomfort.

Hopefully you won't have any need for this device, but if you do, feel reassured we are ready and able to assist you in your dental needs whatever that may be.

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