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How a Root Canal Can Help Relieve Pain

Are you dealing with a toothache?

While you won’t always be able to tell if something is wrong with the health of a tooth, sometimes your mouth gives you clues that you should not ignore. If you recognize the symptoms we mention below, then this could you mean you need a root canal. It’s important that you act fast and turn to our Katy, TX, dentists at Olim and Associates right away if you are in pain.

What is a root canal? 

When we talk about a root canal, we are actually talking about the canals that are found between the dental pulp and the roots of the tooth. The purpose of this procedure is to remove bacteria from this area, as well as remove the infected dental pulp of the tooth to alleviate pain and prevent the need for an extraction.

Why is a root canal needed? 

There are many situations in which our Katy, TX, family dentists may recommend a root canal. If the tooth has widespread decay that has reached the pulp, then a root canal is needed. The same rule applies if there is damage to a tooth that has weakened the structure.

If the tooth has a disease or infection that is affecting not only the pulp but also the roots of the tooth, then this endodontic procedure will be necessary for removing the infected pulp and cleaning out the tooth to prevent future infections.

What are the warning signs if you need a root canal? 

While not everyone will experience symptoms or problems, it’s important that if you notice any of these changes that you immediately give us a call:

  • Tooth pain that is persistent or gets worse when chewing or biting down
  • Increased or sudden tooth sensitivity in the affected tooth, particularly to hot or cold temperatures
  • Your tooth darkens or turns grey
  • Gum swelling or soreness around the affected tooth
  • An abscess on the gums

Ignoring these symptoms could mean the difference between preserving the tooth or needing extraction. It’s always best to try and save a tooth whenever possible, so getting a root canal right away could protect and even strengthen a tooth to prevent further issues down the road.

If you have questions about an upcoming root canal, or you’re dealing with dental pain, act now and call your dentists in Katy, TX. We’ve been performing root canals and preserving patients’ smiles in the West Houston area since 1983. Trust the dental experts at Olim and Associates. Call (281) 206-0249 to schedule your immediate dental appointment.

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