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What You Need To Know About Dental Implants

Dental implants may offer the ideal solution if you've lost one or more teeth. Implants, one of the services and treatments offered by your Katy, TX, dentists, Dr. Marvin Olim and Dr. Sarah Olim of Olim Associates, help you improve your smile.

Could dental implants help your smile?

Implants offer an innovative way to replace teeth from top to bottom. Tiny titanium posts called implants are added to your jawbone during a minor oral surgical procedure. The implants gradually bond to your jawbone and act as the roots for your new teeth. Bonding takes a few months but is an essential part of the implant process.

Strong roots are essential for fully functioning teeth. Roots give you the power you need to chew meat, bite hard vegetables and enjoy a variety of foods.

Once your dental implants become firmly attached to your jawbone, your dentist adds crowns to the top of them during a visit to the Katy dental office. Crowns restore the top parts of your teeth and are made from an impression of your mouth. They're attached to implants using a connector called an abutment.

Dental implants feel just like regular teeth

You won't notice any difference when you bite and chew with your new teeth. Since implants are rooted in your mouth, they won't slip or slide when you chew.

Implant care is easy

You won't need to learn any complicated care routines when you replace missing teeth with implants. In fact, the only tools you'll need are a toothbrush and some dental floss. Brushing twice a day and flossing daily will keep your implants in good condition. When you floss, you'll need to pay a little extra attention to the base of the implant.

Wear dentures? You can still benefit from implants

People who wear dentures can also enjoy the many advantages of dental implants. An upper or lower denture can often be supported with as few as four implants. Implant-supported dentures don't slip and offer excellent biting power.

Restore your smile with dental implants! Call (281) 206-0249 to schedule an appointment with your dentists in Katy, TX, Dr. Mavin Olim and Dr. Sarah Olim of Olim Associates.

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